EC3’s Treaty Reinsurance division based in London blends Innovative thinking and new product development with traditional broking skills.

Our experienced brokers are not just order takers.  We work with our clients both directly and through intermediaries to develop new ideas and formulate new products.  As the world of exposure changes our team will try to keep you ahead of the competition.

At EC3 we don’t wait for other brokers to make innovations in our industry, we make them ourselves.  For example recent developments in Cyber Insurance and Reinsurance have seen EC3 at the forefront.  We were the first broker to develop a US Schools program using pupil count as the base.  We are currently working on a similar program for Municipalities. 


• Contractors General Liability
• Bespoke Cyber Insurance and Reinsurance
• Property Catastrophe and Risk Cover
• Excess Contractual Obligation
• Excess Policy Limits Cover
• Workers Compensation Reinsurance
• Lawyers
• E&O and D&O coverage
• Architects and Engineers
• Medical Malpractice
• Reinsurance for Electronic Apps

Why EC3 Treaty Reinsurance?

We pride ourselves on our freedom and ability to talk directly with both Clients and (Re)Insurers. We do not operate a separate broking team, client liaison team or technical servicing team. Your business is handled by the key Account Executives at all times. We are adaptable to the needs of your business and available whenever required.

➡ EC3 Brokers are a UK Independent Lloyds Broker
➡ We have dedicated Reinsurance specialists
➡ Direct access to all Lloyds and Company markets
➡ Build your own Cyber Reinsurance product.
➡ Totally transparent remuneration

On the following basis :

• Primary, Quota Share and Excess of Loss
• Difference in Conditions
• Deductible Buy Downs
• Fronted Quota Share



Anthony Wates
+44 (0) 203 150 1982