EC3’s Specie division, based in London, places expertise, delivery and customer service at the top of its priorities.

With over 20 years industry experience we handle all levels of client from retail outlets of jewellery through to manufacturers and refineries. Transporting gold bullion to exotic cars or from selling fine art to exhibitions.

The very diverse activities from a bullion trader to retail outlet requires different coverage and different conditions which is why we pride ourselves on creating bespoke policies and wordings that make sure the client is always covered correctly for their day to day exposures.

With genuine local knowledge of the territories we operate within our clients can be comforted in knowing we not only understand the class in depth, but, the territory, the exposures and the cultural differences which is why we can negotiate the most competitive terms with the correct coverage.

The EC3 Specie team deals with insurance intermediaries, wholesale brokers and cedants on a worldwide basis. 



We pride ourselves on our freedom and ability to talk directly
with both Clients and (Re)Insurers. We do not operate a separate broking team, client liaison team or technical servicing team.
Your business is handled by the key Account Executives at all times. We are adaptable to the needs of your business and available whenever required.

➡ Structuring contract
➡ EC3 Brokers are a UK Independent Lloyds Broker
➡ We are specialists in our class
➡ Direct access to all Lloyds and Company markets
➡ In house facilities based on client occupation
➡ Totally transparent remuneration

To discuss your specific risk protection considerations,
please contact EC3’s Specie Team directly on the numbers attached or email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Jewellers Block
• Manufacturers of Jewellery
• Wholesalers of Precious Metals, Stones or Jewellery
• Retailers
• Gold and Diamond Dealers/Traders
• Exhibitions

General Specie
• Metal Refineries
• Bullion Traders
• Vault/Storage Risk or Transit/Shipping