Healthcare is continually evolving. There is ongoing investment in cutting edge technology and medical equipment, a continuing strive to improving medical treatment/patient care/preventative medicine techniques, to the implementation of ever more robust Risk Management programs. The ultimate challenge to any Medical Professional, Clinic or Medical Organization is to ensure that they are providing the best possible patient care with tools they have to work with.

Unfortunately, medicine is not an exact science, and things do occasionally go wrong. This is where we at EC3 Brokers come in. We ensure that when something does go wrong, the Medical Professional, Clinic or Medical Organization have their personal assets and/or balance sheet protected, by having a third party Medical Malpractice insurance product that will respond accordingly.

Our range of experience with Healthcare clients is extensive. We can work with individual Medical Practitioners, Long Term Care/Care Homes, Allied Health (non-invasive patient care) to large multi-location medical facilities. We have worked with some of the leading healthcare providers in the world, which enables us to use this experience, however large or small the risk is, to offer the following:

•    Global Capabilities. Global Capabilities. We can we can work on any risk in almost any geographical location. Providing patient care is fundamentally administered in similar ways across the globe. The variable is that the level of patient care differs from one country to another based on investment, training and risk management. 
•    Building and/or reviewing your Medical Malpractice Third Party Liability Insurance Program. As mentioned above, healthcare and the provision of providing patient care is always evolving. Any insurance product should be as fluid as the core business of providing patient care. We will provide this and ensure that in the unfortunate event of a claim being made against you and/or your institution, your medical malpractice policy responds accordingly. We can also offer to review your current policy and offer statistical analysis of the structure and the deductable/excess of your current insurance product to ensure it is right for your organisation.
•    Product Development. We have many Medical Malpractice insurance products currently in place that can be accessed by healthcare providers through EC3 Brokers. Alternatively, we can develop a product to specifically suit an individual risk profile, risk appetite and financial spend.
•    Captive Formation and Alternative Risk Transfer. Alternative methods of (re)insurance that involves setting up a risk transfer mechanism which can provide cost effective risk transfer, whilst still providing balance sheet protection and continuing to recogne each client’s specific risk retention appetite.
•    Insurance and Reinsurance. We can work on building programs on either an insurance and/or reinsurance basis. 
•    Market Penetration. Direct access to alternative capital providers with influence at the decision making level.
•    Data Correlation. Provide advice and strategy on how to collate, present, analyse and provide data in a way that accurately reflects and ! represents a risk to underwriters. This will enable us to ensure the best pricing terms and conditions are achieve, immediately and in the long-term.
•    Risk Management Services. We offer advice and strategies on how to improve a client’s risk management program.
•    Medical Evacuation (MediVac)/Medical Tourism. Third Party Liability coverage (including defence costs) for MediVac/Medical.
•    Life Science. Third Party liability coverage for Clinical Trials (Products/Public Liability) and Bio-Science research.
•    Individual Medical Practitioner Coverage. An alternative option to the traditional UK MDO programs, offering competitive pricing/term/conditions (including unlimited ERP)/ and Risk Management Services.