Technology is the lifeblood of 99% of companies. Think of the different processes in your company that rely on technology to allow your company to operate daily: administrative functions, credit card processing, supply chain, process management, HR, sales, booking clients in. All of these whether they are your own systems or operated on your behalf by someone else, are now vulnerable to your own accidental errors or that of someone else’s and the threat of a cyber-attack or breach. The common misconception is this has to be from an outside source, it can come from a disgruntled employee, or even an accidental incident.

In Privacy, Cyber and Liability Insurance we look at offering a solution to the issues of today’s reliance on technology with a combination of bespoke coverages to fit your exposure including the following first and third party covers: 


  • Loss of Data – coverage for the costs of specialists to assess and repair system damage, including the costs to restore or replace data after a cyber related loss.
  • Loss of Business Income (Non Physical Business Interruption) – cover for the loss of business income if systems or data assets were lost, corrupted or inaccessible as a result of security breach.


  • Privacy & Security Liability – cover for defence costs, damages to third parties and employees for the failure of network security resulting in a violation of a right to privacy or confidentiality or as a result of virus transfer or DDoS (Denial of Service Attack)
  • Breach Notification Costs – cover for the costs to notify individuals of a release of their private or confidential information, as well as costs to provide credit-monitoring, legal services, forensics or any other services in the event of a privacy or security breach.
  • Regulatory Defence and Penalties – cover for defence costs and damages as a result of regulatory action or Payment Card industry investigation following an alleged privacy or security breach.
  • Public Relations – cover for the costs to engage public relations teams to assist in the event of a privacy or security breach.
  • Media Liability – cover for defence costs and damages to third parties arising out of the release or display of any media resulting in a violation of the legal issues which apply to publishers, such as copyright, defamation and infringement of intellectual property.
  • Technology Liability – cover against expensive litigation involving professional errors or omissions or accusations of breach of contract in the performance of technology products and services.
  • Cyber Extortion – cover to pay for an extortion or ransom threat against the release of private information or business interruption.
  • Reputational Damage – cover for business income loss as a result of an adverse media reaction surrounding a cyber event.
  • Social Engineering Fraud - cover for the loss or transfer of money from electronic scams and Phishing.
  • Electronic Theft, Computer Fraud & Telecommunications Fraud – cover for loss of an insured’s monies arising out of a security breach or negligence.


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